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MediaFast – Digital Advertising Solutions

767 S. Auto Mall Drive   American Fork, UT 84003 | 801-829-9737


Recently I had a friend share a MediaFast video brochure with me when we were looking into digital advertising. From what I can remember, I’ve never experienced a brochure like that before. By “experienced a brochure”, I mean I had never held a product about the size of an average postcard in my hands that played a video instead of only displaying images and words I had to read to get the message. I was literally holding what felt like a TV commercial in my hands.


Digital advertising media from MediaFast.I’ve held countless numbers of pamphlets, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, and brochures during my life. Never before has one kept my attention and entertained me so much.


“Traditional forms of advertising still have an important place in marketing, but they don’t make the same impact as videos,” said Amy Hafen, owner of MediaFast in American Fork, Utah. “Companies all over the world are having great success with them and we’re happy to be a part of it.”


Digital advertising media from MediaFast.When MediaFast was founded in 1991, Utah resident Bart Howell created a business model that was unheard of at the time. He created a network of sales, customer service and accounting professionals who worked from home offices connected through a central server. Now, almost 25 years later, MediaFast is a global network with happy customers around the world.


A few years ago when Bart Howell retired, his longtime friend and vice president, Amy Hafen, purchased the company.


Digital advertising media from MediaFast.“It’s been a blessing to have great people working to help build MediaFast with me,” she said. “We’re always honest, prioritize quality and customer service, and only use the best components to create our products. Customers come back to us regularly because we care about them like business partners.”


Hafen also credits co-owner Bill Diaz with the continued success of MediaFast. “He’s accomplished some fascinating things in the digital world and in advertising during his life,” said Hafen. “He’s definitely an asset.”


Digital advertising media from MediaFast.While MediaFast now has a central office in Utah, Hafen and Diaz both feel blessed to have employees working from home who contribute in major ways to the company’s success.


“I’m grateful we’ve been successful with stay-at-home moms. They do outstanding work for us while being home to care for their families, and it feels great to give that kind of opportunity,” said Hafen.


In addition to video brochures, MediaFast also designs and produces the following products: point of purchase displays (POP Displays), USB flash drives, promotional items, custom print and packaging, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray advertising, disc replication/duplication, and advertisement videos that can be installed into practically anything with room enough for an lcd screen.


For impressive digital advertising products from even better people, we confidently recommend MediaFast.

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