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Melissa Jones of Bookkeeping Concepts

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According to Melissa Jones of Bookkeeping Concepts, running a financial business comes down to much more than crunching numbers.


“A lot of people think that bookkeeping is just numbers,” she said. “But it’s so much more than that. You can use those numbers to help with so many other facets of your business. I can help customers increase income, save money on taxes and put money in the bank by allowing them to focus on sales.”


After growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, she attended Brigham Young University and UNLV where she studied finance. She now lives in Alpine with her two children, ages 9 and 16, and has succeeded in becoming both a great mother and a successful businesswoman.


Image of Bookkeeping Concepts owner Melissa Jones and her family.Looking for a way to support herself and her family, Jones was in search of a career that would allow her to stay at home with her children while utilizing her banking and financial background. While applying for a customer service job, she asked if she could work from home. The owner would not allow it in the position she was interviewing for and half-heartedly said, “But I do need a bookkeeper!” At that moment, Melissa Jones had her first client.


From that point forward, she has been building clientele simply from word-of-mouth. Her business, Bookkeeping Concepts, has grown immensely ever since.


“There was a learning curve there,” said Jones. “I had to tweak things and figure out how to organize my time and be able to handle as many clients as I had. We’ve grown enough now that I’ve even had to hire an employee for the first time.”


Despite the growth of her clientele, Jones still makes an effort to get to know each of her clients personally.


“I feel like I really get to know my clients,” she said. “No one is the same, so I really try to get to know them on a personal and a business level. It’s hard for people to trust someone else with their money — that’s their livelihood. By getting to know them, that builds trust. By getting to know them, we are able to work really well together.”


Her ability to connect personally combined with her financial knowledge enables her to help her clients accomplish great things.


Jones encourages everyone to learn the value of money management and budgeting so they can apply those values to their own spending habits.


“Know where your money is at,” she says. “Most people don’t know what they spend their money on. They spend, spend, spend, spend and then they don’t know where their money went. By keeping track of everything and budgeting, it’s easier to know where you’re at financially.”

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