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The Forum Academy of Cosmetology

36 N 1100 E   American Fork, UT 84003 | 801-763-1200


The Forum Academy of Cosmetology in American Fork helps many students each year launch careers in the beauty industry. Students come to the academy feeling passionate about pursuing a career in a field revolving around fashion, elegance and beauty where they can use their passion to help others look their best and experience the satisfaction that goes along with it.


“The cosmetology industry is a very fashionable industry where career options are many,” said Tonya Williams, co-owner and founder of The Forum Academy. “Professionals can work behind a barber’s chair or even in film, become a platform artist, an educator, or use their skills to have a home-based business. It’s a great fit for anyone who finds people interesting and has a love for creativity.”


The curriculum at The Forum Academy meets all of the requirements for licensure under the guidelines of the state of Utah, but it is the method of teaching that sets The Forum Academy apart from other cosmetology schools.


“Our owners are actual licensed professionals in the industry,” said Vicki Dorton, also co-owner and founder. “Tonya and I have been licensed for over 30 years and our experience has taught us how to transform talent and passion into skill and devotion in our students.”


All of the instructors at The Forum Academy currently work as active cosmetologists as well. They’ve spent years perfecting their artistic techniques and stylish secrets to pass along to students, and their enthusiasm shows as they teach.


“We feel it is important for our educators to work behind the chair so their skills stay sharp and current,” said Vicki. “It also helps keep our students on the cutting edge of new trends.”


The following is a ringing endorsement from a well known salon and spa owner in Utah: “I have taught in cosmetology schools all over the United States and this school is one of the most gorgeous, interesting, and as close to what to expect in the professional world from a high end spa for students. The staff is very caring, very knowledgeable, and they set a brilliant environment for students to thrive! For anyone thinking of going into the business, I give this place 5 stars easily!”


When asked what inspired them to open a cosmetology academy, Tonya and Vicki said it was because they noticed a lack of necessary skills in many newly licensed professionals they encountered and because they desired to teach the skills that helped them become successful as cosmetologists.


“One of the many characteristics that sets us apart from any other cosmetology school in the area is the quality of our cosmetology program. Our years of industry and educational experience has given us the know-how to transform students with high aspirations into skilled professionals so they can succeed in a career they love,” said Tonya.


“We go above and beyond for the education of our students. We truly care about their success before and after graduating,” added Vicki.


Students who attend The Forum Academy get to experience unique events and fun occasions while obtaining a great education. Annual fashion shows, hair shows, photo shoots and instruction from well known guest artists are just some of the attributes that help make The Forum Academy unique.


Tonya and Vicki both agree they want their students to experience as many career options as possible. The diversity of opportunities in cosmetology is great and it can be a lot of fun for those interested in it.


To learn more about The Forum Academy of Cosmetology, visit their website or contact them asap.

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