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Pioneer Party Gift and Copy

154 West Main St   Lehi, UT | 801-768-3549


As pioneers in the party supply business, Pioneer Party Gift and Copy shows unwavering loyalty to their customers that have grown from a few Lehi residents to thousands nationwide.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Pioneer Party Gift and Copy has continued to serve generations upon generations of Utahns, centering their business goals around their customers’ needs.

The establishment, originally called Lehi Drug, turned into Pioneer Party Gift and Copy when owner Dale Ekins sold the pharmacy, and balloons and copies had already been incorporated into the drug store per customer request. The balloons and copies were customer favorites that Dale knew he couldn’t get rid of, so the shop became more fittingly known as Pioneer Party Gift and Copy.

“I didn’t necessarily anticipate a big success when we made this change,” said Ekins. “Of course, you hope it will be successful, but I think it’s been a surprise that we have been here so long and that we are still here.”

Ekins was the original owner of Lehi Drug and Pioneer Party Gift and Copy. He also worked as the full time fire chief of Lehi City. He recently retired from the full time fire chief position and can now devote more time to running the store behind the scenes, helping to train his children and grandchildren in the importance of running a business.

“It’s been nice to be able to teach our kids accountability and responsibility through this business,” Ekins said. “It has taught them a lot of important life lessons – it has taught them how to get by in life.”

Pioneer Party has also created many memories for those in the community who take place in its long-standing traditions that are tailored to the local Latter-day Saint culture.

Emily Hover, Pioneer Party Gift and Copy employee, told of a time many years ago when customers began asking for LDS visiting teaching gifts to compliment the message set for the particular month. The store decided to start hand-preparing visiting teaching gifts to put on the shelves each month, and Hover said the response was extremely positive.

“We now sell over 1000 visiting teaching gifts per month and ship them all over the country,” Hover said. “It’s been amazing.”

From its early days of handwriting welcome home banners to its unique custom-designed gift bags, Pioneer Party has stayed true to tradition while meeting the needs of their customers.

“We have people that will bring their kids and grandkids in and say ‘this is where I used to shop,’” Ekins said. “It’s very rewarding when we know we have done all we can to bring our customers what they are looking for when they come into our store.”

This business spotlight was written by Morgan Hampton.

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